Summer Reading 1st Grade

A Message from the Teachers
(students entering 2nd grade)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Summer Reading 2021! Incoming 2nd graders are asked to read 15 minutes daily. Our Summer Reading Challenge requires that this information be entered each day on the Reading Log found on the reverse side of this letter. Borrowing books from the Island Park Public Library is a great option to reach daily reading goals.
In addition, we ask that your child completes a total of 2 reading responses from the choice board below, one for each of the books they chose from their classroom library. The responses can be completed on lined or plain paper and are due the first week of school in September. We hope your child will have fun and discover new adventures through literature, becoming lifelong readers and writers.

Reading Response Choice Board:

Retell: Create a story map that includes the characters, setting, problem, events, and solution. Be sure to use sequencing words.
Character Trait: Identify the main character in the story. Use their actions, words and feelings to come up with a character trait. Illustrate, label and write 2 sentences about the main character using evidence from the text. (Ask yourself: What did they say? What did they do? How did they feel?)
Craft: What did the author do to make the book funny, surprising, or interesting? Be sure to include evidence from the text. (Think about the language the author used, the type of illustrations and any special features like speech or thought bubbles.)

Text Features: What text features did you use to help you understand the text? Write 2 things you found interesting or learned from the text.
Main Idea: What is the main idea of the text? Find one supporting detail to support your thinking.
Vocabulary: Make a list of new words you learned from the text. Choose one to use in a sentence and illustrate it.

Remember to read, read, read and stay healthy and safe! Have a great summer!
Your First Grade Teachers