Summer Reading 1st Grade

Summer Reading - 2022 - Incoming 1st Grade

 Summer Reading Assignment 
Your summer reading assignment is due on: September 23, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Summer Reading 2022. Your child will choose books that interest them! Incoming 1st graders are asked to read for 5-10 minutes daily. Our Summer Challenge requires that this information be logged each day. In addition, we would like your child to complete 2 reading responses. Some choices are listed below. These responses and reading logs are due September 23rd. We hope your child will discover new worlds through literature and most of all have fun! In addition, please have your child design his/her superhero from the attached sheet.

Resources for Summer Reading
One book selected from our classroom library. (These books should be returned to each child’s 1st grade teacher in September.) More books may be selected from the Public Library or home.

Summer Reading Responses for Incoming 1st Graders (Choose and complete 2)
1. Chain of Events: Cut out strips of paper. Write on each strip. Include what happened first, next, then, and last. Use drawings to retell each part. Staple to create a book.
2. Artist’s Corner: Draw and label your favorite part of the story.
3. You Are the Author: Change the ending to the story. Write and illustrate!
4. You Are the Illustrator: Draw a new book cover. Make sure to add details in your drawing.
5. Four Square Writing: Draw a large square and split it into 4 equal parts. Label each box with “characters”, “setting”, “plot” and “solution”. Write and draw about each category.
6. Popsicle Fun: Draw your characters and the setting on paper. Cut them out. Glue each to a popsicle stick. Reenact the story for your family.

We can’t wait to hear about your summer adventures and for you to share your favorite stories with us! Perhaps you’ll write a few of your own! Remember to read, read, read! Stay healthy and safe.

Your Kindergarten Teachers

 Incoming 1st Grade Summer Reading 2022