Summer Reading 3rd Grade

Summer Reading - 2022 - Incoming 3rd Grade

 Summer Reading Assignment 
 Summer Reading Superhero Activity 2022
Your summer reading assignment is due on: September 23, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This summer your child will take part in a Summer Reading Challenge! Incoming 3rd graders are asked to read for 15-20 minutes daily and record their reading on the log found on the reverse side of this letter. Your child is also required to write responses to 2 books. He/she will use the book selected from my reading library to write a response from the choices below. (Please be sure to return the book to your 3rd grade teacher in September so it can be returned to me.) Your child’s second response should be from a book of his/her choice. In addition, your child should design his/her superhero from the attached sheet.