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  • Letter to Parents for School Meal Programs

    Dear Parent/Guardian: 

    Children need healthy meals to learn. Island Park UFSD offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast costs $1.50; lunch costs $2.50. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. Reduced price is $0.25 for breakfast and $0.25 for lunch.

    1. Do I need to fill out an application for each child?  No. Complete the application to apply for free or reduced price meals. Use one Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application for all students in your household. We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all required information. Return the completed application to: Island Park- Food Service Dept. 150 Trafalgar Blvd. Island Park NY  11558   434-2622.

    See Food Services for more information…

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • School Bus Rules & Regulations (Code of Conduct 2017)

    July 2017 

    Dear Island Park Parents and Students: 

    Attached you will find the Code of Conduct that all students must follow when riding our buses back and forth to school and for class trips.  This code is designed to ensure the safety of all of our students.  Please discuss the rules and regulations detailed in this code before your child rides the bus and explain the consequences your child will face if behavior issues arise. 

    The form must be completely filled out and signed by both the student and parent then returned to the transportation office.  It is very important that this be done before August 1th.  Without the properly signed form no bus pass will be created for your child and they will not receive a schedule for transportation.   You can avoid repeated requests and Connect-Ed calls by returning this form immediately either by mail, fax or scan. 

    Our policy will again be NO SIGNED FORM = NO PASS, NO SCHEDULE  & NO RIDE.  Please do not wait until the last minute to mail your forms back to us. 

    Have a safe and wonderful summer! 


    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Students and teachers team up at Hegarty

    More than 40 Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School Student Council members experienced a day in the life of an educator during Student/Teacher Exchange Day in June. This event has proven to be a favorite among Student Council participants, who continue to request it year after year as one of the many initiatives they coordinate.

    Under the guidance of Student Council Advisors Denise Benedetto and Patricia Pozin, each participant was paired with a teacher or staff member in the building. In some cases, two students were assigned to one adult due to the strong interest in this popular event. The pairs and groups met in advance so that the students could plan and organize what they would like to teach or do for the day, and students reviewed lessons in order to prepare themselves. 

    Student/Teacher Exchange Day was a great success and enjoyable experience for those involved. Members of the Student Council gained a greater insight into the responsibilities that their teachers, administrators and other staff members carry out and the qualities that it takes to be a positive leader.   

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Ready for kindergarten

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School welcomed incoming kindergarten students into the school on May 30. Three preschool classes took a bus ride over to the building to get a better understanding of their new school setting.

    Principal Jacob Russum greeted the students as they arrived and welcomed them to the school. The classes then separated into different kindergarten classrooms where they were introduced to a kindergarten teacher. They had the opportunity to ask questions and look around the room.

    Each kindergarten teacher read the students a book and took their designated preschool class to different areas of the building to prepare them for what to expect next year. They discussed the differences between preschool and kindergarten including lunch set up and specials such as art, library and Foreign Language in Elementary Schools (FLES).

    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino also visited the school to welcome the incoming students and get to know them better. The students will be among five new kindergarten classes next year.

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Pre-K Students Step Up

    Children in the Island Park Public Schools’ Universal Pre-Kindergarten program received Bachelor of Rhymes Degrees as they prepared to move on to kindergarten. During a Stepping Up Ceremony, the students celebrated the exciting journeys ahead and the completion of a year filled with learning and growth.

    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino and Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School Principal Jacob Russum provided welcoming remarks. Board of Education Members, teachers and parents proudly cheered the Pre-K students on as they performed several musical numbers representative of new experiences and bright futures.

    The district’s full-day Universal Pre-K is offered thanks to a grant that it wrote, which provides annual funds from the State Education Department. The Pre-K students had an opportunity to visit Hegarty on May 30, when they were introduced to the kindergarten teachers and toured classrooms.

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary
  • Discovery students showcase a successful year

    Island Park students who participate in Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School’s Discovery Program showcased a successful year of learning and exploration on June 7 and 14, when parents were invited in. Guests had the opportunity to experience for themselves the projects that students have collaborated on, and topics they have studied.

    Discovery is the district’s Gifted and Talented Program, and involves third- through sixth-graders. The groups meet with teacher Robert Ferrante on alternating days for 45-minute-long sessions. Each grade is assigned a specific theme or area of focus that their lessons and activities are based on throughout the school year.

    At the recent open-house-style events, students proudly shared with their parents the knowledge they have obtained, skills they have cultivated and discoveries they have made.
    Third-graders produced a book filled with examples of problem-solving projects and performed a mock trial to illustrate their studies on government. Fourth-grade students presented a 30-minute broadcast video that featured a variety of stories, ranging from news within the school and community to that at the national and global levels. They described the many steps that went into the development of this project, from conducting research to editing the video.

    Fifth- and sixth-graders both participated in stop motion lessons, which they explained and demonstrated. Additionally, fifth-grade students showed their parents the MIT-based computer program, Scratch, which they used to create games, quizzes and other projects. Sixth-graders shared a video about the Adelphi Lego Competition and re-enacted their presentations for the audience of guests.

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary

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