Summer Reading 3rd Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Summer Reading 2021. We are very excited to announce that this summer your child will be able to choose and read books that are of interest to him/her. Research shows that reading books during the summer may prevent the regression of reading skills. Your child will be choosing two or more books from our classroom libraries. These books must be returned to their 3rd grade teachers by September 24, 2021. Incoming 4th graders are asked to read 15 - 20 minutes daily. Our Summer Reading Challenge suggests your child should read daily and record what he/she read on a reading log. Please see the reverse side of this letter for the Reading Challenge Flyer and the attached reading log. In addition, your child will have the choice of choosing any two reading responses to write about from the Reading Response Board below. The log and written responses are due by Friday, September 24, 2021 and should be submitted to your child’s 4th grade teacher. We hope your child will discover new worlds through literature and most of all have fun!

Reading Response Choice Board: Pick Two

Author’s Purpose
Think about the book you just read. What is the author’s reason for writing the book? Is the author trying to persuade you to do something, inform you about a topic, or entertain you? Write a paragraph about how you know! Include at least three details or events from the story which support the author’s purpose.

Making Connections
Think about the book you just read. What does the story make you think about? Does it make you think of a situation from your own life? Does it remind you of another book or another topic you have learned about? Write about this connection. Include three events from the story that connect to events in your life.

Informational Text Features
Think about the book you just read. What are some informational text features (headings, captions, charts, etc.) that you found, and how did they help you? Make a list of at least three features and explain how they helped you understand the text. Then list two facts that you learned after reading the book. You can use drawings if you need to illustrate a text feature!

Think about the book you just read. Choose a character from the story. Describe at least three-character traits and/or attitudes that the character shows. Explain how the character shows these traits and/or attitudes. Include details and events from the story.

Write A Letter
Think about the book you just read. Pretend to be a character from the story. Write a letter to your friend from that character's perspective. Include details and events from the story.

Book Review
Think about the book you just read. Would you recommend it to a friend? Write a letter to your friend. In your review, be sure to introduce your book, describe what the book is about, tell who should read the book, describe an interesting part of the book, and conclude with what you liked about the book. Include details and events from the story.

Please have your child neatly write his/her 2 reading responses on white loose-leaf paper or if they choose, they can be typed Google Docs. If typed, please print out the reading responses and bring them into school by September 24, 2021. The responses should be written in paragraph form, using complete sentences, with proper punctuation and spelling.
Remember to read, read, read! Wishing you a safe and healthy summer.


The Third Grade Teachers